WP Audit  /  Policy and rules
  5 August, 2020

Policy and rules

We work with a fair use policy…. 

Every plugin install has a maximum amount of calls it can make to the api a day. This way we do our best to keep the systems running smoothly for all users. 

If we notice that one installation or user is putting too much load on our systems or other things are hindering performance or other tasks we can and will limit the provided service or deny all services in total.

Removal of data.

All data stored on our servers is to be used by our own system and will not be sold. However if you like to remove all data then you can do that by requesting a reset via the plugin. This will delete all records we have that are attached to your api token. A reset can not be undone.

Privacy and personal data.

We think privacy is important and don’t like people selling our details. That’s why we don’t do that either. But there are several things to keep in mind.

  • An email address is mandatory so we can inform you of potential problems, privacy measures and other things. We will not use that email address for selling purposes unless you ticked that box.
  • If you install the plugin you can see what data is being shared with our servers. You can limit or expand the data shared to suit your needs. Some services will not be available when certain streams of data are limited.
  • The information gathered will not be sold and only be used for internal use. Our systems rely on this data to give you reports.