15 August, 2020

Keep WordPress up to date!

Well, why should I keep my WordPress installation up to date? Yeah, good question. An up to date WordPress website means a safer WordPress website. Not just for your convenience but for all websites on the server. Since WordPress has over 30% share in websites that are run on that piece of software attacks have become more and more frequent.

Update WordPress for safety

If you install a plugin like Wordfence you get a glimpse (abstract numbers) of what is going on in the world when it comes to attacks. A compromised website can lose authority quite fast and drop in the search rankings. Even if you don’t know you are hacked so you don’t fix it.

Plugins have leaks

WordPress Plugin developers normally tend to fix leaks and bugs in plugins really fast. This means that holes are closed and your site should be safe. So if you update you’ll take care of this issue. The same goes for WordPress core itself. 

And if you want an extra layer of security (I highly recommend this) then there are plugins like Wordfence that keep an extensive list of vulnerabilities and can patch them on the fly. The free version releases a patch every 30 days or so and if you want that to happen more often (direct or daily) then they have a paid version. But the free version works like a charm.

Keep an eye on multiple websites at once

If you have many websites to keep an eye on then it’s nice to have them all in a list so you can see which site needs updates or attention. That’s why I’ve created WP Audit so all the sites I work on are always up to date. In the future there will be features (and a panel) do be able to see a bunch of websites at once.