1 August, 2020

What started as an exploratory coding challenge

Hey, thanks for stopping by. This tool was created to kind of scratch my own urge. The thing is, when you work at a creative agency where a lot of websites are being built and maintained, it’s hard to keep track. I wanted a place where I find all the websites I maintain in one list so that it’s clear what has to be done to keep every website safe, up and running.

So the first iteration was basically a list of all websites and the updates data pulled in to that. As I was redesigning the backend to make it more versatile and adding the option to share it with you guys, I thought: why not add more cool stuff? 

And here we have it. WP Auditor, a way to keep an eye on your websites. Not just overall WordPress health but also speed, seo and accessibility information by Google Pagespeed is brought into the mix. And this is just the start. And even more useful tools will be added in the future. 

Tools like:

  • Get notified if your website is down or is facing problems
  • Crawl websites to get more data about the outgoing and incoming links. Also check if they are not dead.
  • Use that crawl information to look for meta information within the head tags and check if everything is there.

And many more..

The WordPress Plugin will be released to the WordPress Repository soon so it’s available in the plugin list. It’s basic function is to communicate with my API and share relevant data. It also comes with some cool dashboard widgets so you can see what’s going on in the WP Admin panel for quick reference.

Then the plugin is installed then go and add the API token in the WP Auditor Dashboard so it shows up in the list. If you do this with all your websites then you get a nice overview of what’s going on on your and your clients servers.

What started as a fun coding challenge is now almost ready to be released. You can sign up for the beta testing program here.